Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Cafe Roubaix FastBack CX

If you have been following along our FaceBook page, you know that I am building a frame during the Framebuilding course at the United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Oregon. From design to pre-paint finish, all work is completed by the students with the aim of leaving with nice and rideable bike frame ready for paint. Many graduates of this program get on to bicycle companies to build frames or some even start their own custom frame companies. My goal was to get away with the skills to critique the bike frames we plan to sell at Cafe Roubaix, looking for the best possible production or custom frames. But it would be squandering a new skill if I do not keep up by taking on the occasional project bike myself. And maybe someday, YOU too can be riding on one of our creations.

The in-class frame I am working on is the Cafe Roubaix FastBack CX (cyclocross). Here are a few production photos. The frame is fillet brazed using a mix of Columbus, Dedacciai, and Kaisei cromoly steel tubing.

Frame tacked and ready for full brazing

The Master at work!

Plenty of clearance for mud and snow!
The last photo shows the mock-up for the seat stays - the last structural piece of the puzzle. The wheel has a full 35mm 700c cyclocross tire. For fun, we put a 650B/27 inch mountain bike wheel with a large 2.25 tire, and there was still lots of clearance. The final design may be capable of running wheels from 26 inch to 29er for a rear wheel! The front is designed to take either a Dedacciai, Enve, or Ritchey after-market CX fork.

Love the ride!

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